KOREA Sale FESTA 2017.9.28-10.31
The Biggest Shopping Tourism Festival Ever in Korea!

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  • Special Big Sale from September 28 to October 9
    Only for 12 days!
    The biggest discount event ever will begin.
    Don’t miss the super special discounts offered by various companies including department stores nationwide, super stores, online shopping malls, traditional markets, and manufacturers

  • Cyber Hot Days – From October 10 to October 13
    Hot deals for online shopping mall, ‘Cyber Hot Days’ for 4 days!

  • Virtual Reality(VR) Shopping Mall

    New concept shopping you can enjoy in the Korea’s first VR space!

  • Traditional Market Shopping Tourism Festival
    Korea Sale FESTA that you can find in friendly traditional market


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코리아세일페스타 2주년 기념 영수증 인증샷 이벤트
이벤트 마감이벤트 마감
[당첨자 발표 안내] 코리아세일페스타 전통시장&관광지 추천 인증샷 이벤트
이벤트 마감이벤트 마감
코리아세일페스타 D-50 이벤트 코세페가 좋은 5가지 이유!
이벤트 마감이벤트 마감