2017.09.28 - 2017.10.31

ㅇAll : 20 years old NANTA! The 20th anniversary!

ㅇMyeongdong/Hongdae/Jeju Nanta theater - Offer discount upon presenting the page showing that you clicked 'LIke the posting about KOREA SALE FESTA' on the Nanta's official Instagram and Facebook

ㅇDiscount is available only upon the on-site ticketing and booking through telephone

ㅇCannot be combined with other coupons or discount promotions.

Hanbit R&C

2017.09.28 - 2017.10.31

ㅇ All: Will provide educational resources on licensed real estate agent / housing manger / real estate business practice / public official.

ㅇForeigner: Foreigners who reside in Korea are not easy to receive education due to the property of education.
The same benefit as Koreans is applied to foreigners who need a job or who are fluent in Korean since they have lived in Korea for a long time.
  • 대한상공회의소
  • 한국방문위원회
  • 소상공인시장진흥공단
  • 중소기업유통센터
  • 산업통상자원부
  • 문화체육관광부
  • 중소벤처기업부