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20~30% Sale Donkey milk Cosmetics
A female donkey gives milk after birth only for 6 months, for about 0.5 liter at once which makes it very valuable. The donkey milk has been used by ancient Romans as well as famous beauties in history like Cleopatra, Poppea and Pauline Bonaparte for aesthetic purpose. Donkey milk"s gross composition confirms the closest resemblance to the human"s breast milk and contains a large amount of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) elements which is helps to strengthen the skin"s outer surface. Based on a story passed from mouth to mouth that Cleopatra had brought about 1,000 donkeys with her wherever she went and enjoyed donkey milk bath to protect her skin, Cleomee which is a combination of Cleopatra and mee, Korean word meaning "beauty", was born. Cleomee uses milk and oil from donkey raised in Korea for the first time as a professional moisturizing cosmetic brand and offers superior cosmetics at a reasonable price tag.
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