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Pet Wig.co
Dog"s fashion hat wig for sale 20% off (made in korea)
Pet Wig!
Hello, This is Pet Wig. Pet Wig is the first pet
fashion product using hats and fashion wigs
in Korea.
One of the strengths and distinguishable
features of our company is the exclusive technic
which has made it possible to produce various
types of hats and high heat-proof wigs with
unchangeable hair curl.
Furthermore, we have been developing and
producing diverse design products constantly
and raising purchasing desire of customers by
honest price comparing to other brands.
Our main sales channels are as following:
- Online markets :11st.co.kr, auction.co.kr, gmarket.
co.kr, wemakeprice.co.kr, coopang.co.kr,
Naver Storefarm
- Offline sales: Pet shop, Pet supplies shop,
Pet cafe, Animal Hospital, Pet hotel, Pet salon
February 2018 : Establishment of Pet Fashion Wig
April 2018 : - Launch of Pet Fashion Wig Products
- Registered as a female-owned business by Director of Ministry
of SMEs and Startups (Seoul)
April 2018 : Register products at Open markets
(Gmarket, Auction, Naverstorefarm, Interpark etc.)
May 2018 : Launch SBA Distribution Center of i-Seoul Market
(Shinchon, Olympic Park)
June 2018 : Offline Stores Sales
(Pet shop, Pet supplies shop, Pet cafe, Animal Hospital,
Pet hotel, Pet salon etc.)
We are planning to expand the sales channels via Amazon, Alibaba, and other overseas platforms
when domestic sales have stabilized
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