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1.Who is FMG?

The FoodMaster Group (FOODMASTERGROUP CO,. LTD) of the Company stands for the best group of food experts.

A group of experts dreaming of a new product related to Korea"s innovative food products have gathered to help the rich human life.

Being a startup company, the company is a small but world leader in passion, innovation and expertise.

I always dream of a company that is creative, leads the market, and makes human life rich by developing products that consumers want.


2. Overview
- Company name : Food Master Group
- Industry : feed, food and dairy products
- CEO : Park Hyung-su (20 years of marketing experience in KOREA NO.1 Seou milk companyl)
- Number of employees : 5
- Date of establishment : 2017.3.8

3. History
2019.09 : Shelved in CJ O shopping.(Online sales shop)
2019.07 : Shelved in Lotte-Mart Alibaba.com, Amazon.com (Online sales shop), Concluded a strategic biz. agreement with Dankook University Cheonan Campus(technology and research)
2019.05 : Paid-in capital increase in Daemyung Group ? Exclusive distribution and sale of FMG products in Daemyung Group.
2019.02 : Concluded a strategic biz. agreement with Chonbuk National University College of Veterinary Medicine(technology and research)
2019.01 : Joint-stock plant establishment in progress with Weihai in China.
2018.11 : Shelved in Costco, Pierrotshoppng. chosen as one of the 2018 HIT500 products of Small and medium Business Corporation
2018.06 : Indonesia is negotiating export to the United States, Shelved in Home & Shopping, and Public Home Shopping
2018.05 : OLIIVE YOUNG H&B STORE sale
2018.02 : GS Home Shopping Store sale
2018.01 : Shinsegae Department Store, Lotte Super Store sale
2017.12 : E-Mart sale
2017.11 : Diaso sale
2017.09 : Strategic business agreement with Kyongnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Exclusive rights to beverage business)
2017.07 : LG Yeonam University Strategic Business Agreement (Technical and Research)
2017.04 : Taiwan"s Harvest Company (Taipei) Export Business Agreement
2017.03 : Japan Waklus Limited (Tokyo) ?
2017.03 : Establishment of Food Master Group

4. Marketing & Product Development
Marketing : 25 years of food expert
R&D : Professor Kim Cheol-hyun of Dankuk University / Professor Park So-young (Pharmacology) / Professor Han Dong-woon of Yeonam University / Professor of Gyeongdong University
Production : A 25-year old Namyang / Daily Industry production group of four
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