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Introducing companies that participate in Korea Sale Festa

Ideanissi Inc.
Take the drying rack of ideas at a very special price.
Ideanissi Inc, is a company who manufactures clothes hangers that are quick to hang, quick to dry, quick to gather laundry.
When small laundry such as socks, underwear, companion animal clothes, etc... are being hung on a conventional drying hanger, due to laundry is very small, its often slips and falls, and it takes a lot of time and effort to hang one by one. That"s why you had to use a clothespin.
It was uncomfortable and time-consuming to gather and hang clothes, so we invented Quick 3 Socks & Underwear drying rack. You do not need clothespin, you can put your clothes on and off with one action. It is not annoying or inconvenient to dry laundry. Rather, it is fun and you will want to do laundry again.
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