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UPL Company Co.,Ltd.
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Simply the Best!
UPL Company that specializes in manufacture laundry detergents.
We produce innovative environment-friendly paper detergents developed to remedy the problems of powder/liquid detergents that form the mainstream of the current world market and replace the power/liquid detergents.
In order to satisfy diverse needs of customers, we launched the ultra-concentrated environment-friendly paper detergent "Hanjang"euro", which anyone can use without measuring and also safely wash baby laundry, after years of research and development.
We are expanding our market not only domestically but also into the world stage in U.S.A, China, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and etc.
With the trust and confidence of our customers as our motto, we aim to grow into a global business representing the environment-friendly laundry detergent market by providing differentiated products that customers can use safely and conveniently through continuous R&D.

Hanjang :
Ultra-concentrated environment-friendly paper detergent that mainly uses plant based ingredients and convenient to use without measuring unlike existing detergents. A laundry detergent of new concept in sheet form the prevents over usage of detergents and allows for easy storage and carrying.
1) Convenience : Ultra-concentrated laundry detergent, Convenient usage without measuring and allows for easy storage and carrying.
2) Safety : No fluorescent whitening agent or preservatives added. Clean washing with zero residue with just 1~2 rinse cycles.
3) Environment-friendly : Mainly uses natural ingredients. Biodegradation of laundry waste water in rivers.
4) Multi-functional : Neutral detergent applicable to all textiles, and a multi-functional detergent with lingering flower scent after washing, static electricity prevention, textile preservation, and etc., that allows for complete laundry washing with just one sheet without additional fabric conditioners.
5) Applicable to both drum and normal washing machines, and hand wash is also possible.
6) Acquire Korea Eco-label certification and pass the European REACH
7) Registration of patent in Korea and pending patent a couple of countries
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