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Seoshin International
a surprising discount 60%~70%
It is located in Auction Interpark, which was established in 2003 and is located. Its main product is Chevrolet Vinu POI, Embo, Furai Pan, POI Gurme, and Frying Pan. Chevrolet soap is an iterithispa fruit soap made of rich tropical fruits of Thailand"s natural herbs.It easily bubbles up, so it has good cleaning power and has good fragrance, so it can be used as various aromatic agents.Also, the design is pretty, so it is used as an interior prop.
As vegetable slitheen has excellent moisturizing power, it is fun to wash your hands even for children who have just begun washing their hands. You can use sensitive skin with ease.It is pure without adding any chemicals that damage the skin.
Main ingredients include plant glycerin, stearinic acid, calkitinic acid, leurinic acid, caustic soda, and Jeongjae-soo.
POI-free Frying Pan is not easily pressed or burned with non-stick fluoridation & Marble Coating on an excellent heat conductivity fan! The POI gurme iron frying pan is not affected by the coating with a premium fluorine coating material on a thick steel plate of 3T and is extremely durable enough to allow the dish to be washed with a withdrawal detergent.
The heat conductivity is also very high, allowing the food to taste its natural flavor quickly and minimizes the destruction of nutrients. Handles are also enhanced with stainless steel, which is very convenient to use when cooking with a grip, and can be hung in a loop for easy cleaning, drying, and storage.
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