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35% to 50% discount on the Esencia Toothbrush Sterilizer during the event period
In 1988, the company developed the world"s first toothbrush sterilizer.
For 33 years, the company has developed various sanitary items such as household toothbrush sanitizer, portable toothbrush sterilizer, baby sanitizer, electric toothbrush sterilizer, ion softener, and bathroom sanitizer.
The Esencia toothbrush sterilizer completely sterilizes more than 99.99% of the dozens to hundreds of millions of germs remaining in the toothbrush by the unique ultraviolet sterilization method.
The reason for disinfecting the toothbrush bacteria is to prevent toothbrush infection and cross-contamination through oral hygiene care and toothbrush.
It is also very useful for preventing various diseases and bacterial infections.

?"Esencia household / family toothbrush sterilizer" can sterilize 5 ~ 7 toothbrushes, and can also disinfect infant toothbrush, razor, and various sanitary items.
The product has been developed with a fully automatic disinfection system and electric or water-resistant structure, and can be used by anyone.
?"Esencia Portable (Personal) Toothbrush Sterilizer" is a product that disinfects one personal toothbrush.
In addition to home use, it is a product that is easy to use when going out and traveling, and its design is simple.
?Esencia has acquired major standards such as CE / RoHS, EMC, FDA, ISO9001, CCC, UL and PSE, and about 40 patents have been registered in China, Japan, USA and Europe.
?All models are developed by the company"s research institute, and are produced in domestic factories.
The products have been recognized by Korean government agencies as world class products. Also, it was selected as the best patented product, selected as the recommended product of the dentist"s Federation, and it was selected as the excellent design.
?ESENCIA has been certified by Korea and foreign organizations for quality certification including sterilization performance.
We also announced the world"s first product effect at the World Dental Federation"s conference.
As a company specializing in toothbrush sterilization, Esencia is the world"s No. 1 professional brand.
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