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AK WINTER FESTA! Domestic and International famous fashion brand sale, Promotion
A Department Store with a philosophy of Shopping and Culture

AK PLAZA is a specialized retail company that captures customers with the best products and communicates with customers with the best service. We offer sensible shopping and cultural lifestyles in fashion, restaurant, and living in Suwon, Bundang, Pyeongtaek, Wonju, Incheon Airport, and AK Mall. We will continue to discover trendy products that lead the way, as well as global brands, and will strive our utmost to create a pleasant experience at AK PLAZA. In addition, we have established "AK& Hongdae" and "AK& Giheung" NSC shopping malls to satisfy the needs of fast-changing needs of customers and tourists and to develop them as future growth engines for AK PLAZA. AK Mall"s confidence, opening a new era of online shopping culture, is based on professional MD organization and creative marketing activities. We propose various contents such as fashion, restaurant, and travel to multiple channels such as the web, mobile, and employee mall as we lead the trends. In the future AK PLAZA will continue to pioneer retail services that anticipate continuous changes in the distribution industry and provide high value to customers at all times.
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