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Introducing companies that participate in Korea Sale Festa

Hyundai Card
Interest-free installment program available for all Hyundai card merchant
Hyundai Card has led the Korean credit card industry trends by offering products and services tailored to customers’ diverse lifestyles starting with the launch of ‘Hyundai Card M’ in 2003.
Its differentiated products and services have made Hyundai Card a leading player in the Korean card industry. This all began with launch the country’s first-ever VVIP card named ‘the Black’, strengthened by a follow up series of premium cards including ‘the Purple’, ‘the Red’ and most recently ‘the Green’. The portfolio was simplified to categorize product lines into two-track rewards, namely points and discounts.
Moving towards a data science company, Hyundai Card is integrating a digital organization structure and developing AI-enabled services, blockchain and data algorithm technologies.
As of 2018, it has managed to acquire 7.4 million cardholders, posted a credit purchase volume of 85.5 trillion Korean won, and continues to expand into new business areas with a stronger focus on its PLCC business model.
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