Korea Sale FESTA
Introduction of the Event

Introduction of the Event

2018 KOREA Sale FESTA Scheduled to commence its third annual celebration, KOREA Sale FESTA is Korea’s premier shopping tourism festival, integrating the distribution, manufacturing, tourism and culture industries. Companies from various fields, including home appliances, furniture, beauty and health, participate in this festival andprovide a wide range of benefits. If you are with Korea Sale FESTA, everyone can enjoy a large discount event, the shopper’s fun night featuring K-POP singers, and a variety of events and with Korea Sale FESTA, life could be delightful.
Event Name
2018. 09. 28 ~ 10. 07
Entire country
Benefits such as discounts on products and services, Various events and prizes
Applied to
Residents and foreign tourists
  • Shopper’s fun night performance by global TOP K-POP artists
    9.27 (Thu.) 19:00 ~
  • A large discount event Discount event for whole country by distribution, manufacture and service enterprise (Department store.Duty free shop. Home appliance store. Online etc)
    9. 28(Fri.) ~ 10. 7(Sun.)
  • Cyber Hot Days Special discount event by domestic online mall
    10. 1(Mon.) ~ 10. 4(Thu.)
  • Best small-business products sale pecial sale event by domestic small businesses
    9. 28 (Fri.) ~ 10. 24 (Wed.)
Catchphrase of 2018 KOREA Sale FESTA is “shop for yourself & live for yourself”. “SADA” in Korean has dual expressions for living and shopping.
This catchphrase meansthat pleasure for shopping leads to pleasure for life.
History of KOREA Sale FESTA
Started in 2015 as ‘Korea Black Friday’, KOREA Sale FESTA has been promoting the consumption and revitalizing the domestic market.
(※In 2016, Private Consumption Expenditure increased by 0.27%p and Gross Domestic Product increased by 0.13%p.
Sales performance for the participating companies increased by 12.5%)
KOREA Sale FESTA is one of the signature shopping & tour festivals in Korea including shopping, tour, culture and festival.
2017 Korea Sales Festa Performance