Participating Companies

Participating Companies

Here are the participating companies that are organizing the KOREA Sale FESTA together! ※ The discount information of participating companies is subject to change without separate notices according to the relevant company’s circumstances.
addal2018-10-06 ~ 2018-10-07
1. Tteok-bokki
2. Tteok-tang (tteok-bokki & sweet and sour port)
3. Addal mix (tteok-bokki+dumpling or tteok-bokki+seaweed maki)
4. Fish cake
5. Tempura (seaweed maki, dumpling)
6. Beer, ice coffee
7. Stirred soondae, stirred chicken feet
Purchase more than KRW 10,000 per person Presented with Tomato Kochujang sauce 100g