Main Discounted Products

Main Discounted Products

Let me introduce 2018 Korea sale FESTA’s representative good bargains. ※ Offers introduced as representative good bargains may be changed without the notice.
Hamee Korea
PATCHWORKS iPhone X Level Wallet Case
  • Price

    25,000 won

  • Sale Price

    10,000 won

  • Discount Rate


Detailed Sale Information

 Up to three cards can be stored (designed not falling out even if one card is stored)


The casing is designed to be higher than the liquid crystal, so the liquid crystal does not touch even after the tempered glass is attached.


Slim design for slip prevention at the top of the case prevents desk, table, etc. from slipping


Kick stand function can be used by inserting a card into a slot in the case


Side bump on the side of the case provides a stable grip


Apply cutout design for original button click feeling “


"Price: 25,000 won


Discount rate: 60%


Discount sale price: 10,000 won "




“iFace, the original of the bumper case


First Class, First Class Sense, Sensation Case, Car Accessories, etc. 45% - 60% Discount




Patchwork, the standard for protective cases


50 - 60% discount on ITG level, Lumina, Aegis, Flex Guard case, Car Accessories, etc. 50% - 60% Discount




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