Main Discounted Products

Main Discounted Products

Let me introduce 2018 Korea sale FESTA’s representative good bargains. ※ Offers introduced as representative good bargains may be changed without the notice.
Jangsoo Stone Bed
Healing Eight Q/S
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    3,520,000 won

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    2,290,000 won

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Detailed Sale Information

 Jangsoo Store, where you can feel the best of warmth in preparation for the upcoming cold winter.





Five stars. Jangsoo




"Healing Eight (stone bed)


1) Uniform and smooth surface of the surface using MDF veneer!


2) Simple basic design frame that fits anywhere


3) Never get tired of seeing it with a luxurious head design!


4) It is firmly fixed with a modern, stable feel.


"Healing Star (massage chair)


1) A massage chair with perfect massage, balance, and carefulness provided by five massage balls!


2) It is possible to massage delicately to the back part of the back and the back part!


3) At the moment of sitting, your whole body is wrapped in warmth and comfort.


4) The combination of S-frame and L-frame illusion makes it possible to massage the entire body

S frame: from neck to waist

L Frame: From waist to hip


5) With heating function and air massage, it maximizes the massage effect and gives the muscles of the whole body soft and powerful air pressure


Like a human hand-! "


"National Jangsoo retailer, distributor




* Can not be purchased at department Store* "




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