Main Discounted Products

Main Discounted Products

Let me introduce 2018 Korea sale FESTA’s representative good bargains. ※ Offers introduced as representative good bargains may be changed without the notice.
G Market, G9, and Auction
Special sales on main discount products.
  • Discount Rate


Detailed Sale Information

 □ G Market:


o Gmarket will cooperate with six domestic department stores such as Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai Department Store to carry out a large-scale promotion so that each department store's Korea sales festival promotion can be seen online in one place.


- Up to 15% discount on all Department Store products


- Issued Coupon for Department Store




□ Auction:


o Auction will offer a 10% discount for all members during the Korea Sales Festa (maximum discount)


o Up to 20% duplicate coupons per day for one additional brand (daily brand / discount will be different)


o Promotion of leading company product promotion




□ G9:


o G9 offers discount coupons during the KOREA Sale FESTA period, as well as special promotions for overseas direct purchase item and discount promotions




□ Gmarket Global:


o Gmarket Global promotes discounts on coupons and overseas shipping discounts for overseas buyers, Hallyu popular products