Main Discounted Products

Main Discounted Products

Let me introduce 2018 Korea sale FESTA’s representative good bargains. ※ Offers introduced as representative good bargains may be changed without the notice.
E-Light Down
  • Price

    39,900 won

  • Sale Price

    29,900 won

  • Discount Rate

    MAX 30%

Detailed Sale Information

 E-land Retail consists of NC Outlets, NC Department Stores, 2001 Outlets, and Donga Shopping Stores.

It is a distribution company with 50 stores nationwide and has a lot of and has a lot of lifestyle contents such as clothes, hyper, miscellaneous goods such as KIMS CLUB, SHOOPEN, INDIGO BANK 




Representative Discount Product Details:


"0 1. Siberian Duck Premium Goose who sustained minus 58 degrees


  2. Over 200 different styles


  3. Stylish lightweight design (slim / quilting line)


  4. High-density outer material (prevention of falling hair) "




Representative Discount Sale Information:


   Children's Best 29,900 Jumpers 39,900 / Adults Vest 39,900 Jumpers 49,900




Events and other information:


"1. Adult padding jumper discounted 10,000 won, October 2 (Tue)


  2. E-Land 5,000 won gift voucher when purchasing 3 lightweight padding, September 19 (Wed) - October 31 (Wed) "




Available store information:


"Available at 49 E-land Retail stores


 Address reference ( "