Main Discounted Products

Main Discounted Products

Let me introduce 2018 Korea sale FESTA’s representative good bargains. ※ Offers introduced as representative good bargains may be changed without the notice.
Samsung Clothes Dryer GRANDE
  • Discount Rate

    max 25%

Detailed Sale Information

  "Samsung dryer Grande"




1. Stronger in winter! Double drying: It prevents the continuous rise of temperature to minimize the damage of cloth, and it can reach the proper temperature quickly even in cold winter, so it is more effective in winter drying.

2. All-in-one drying tub without worrying about water / wind leaking


- It is a one-piece dry drum with high thermal efficiency and bi-directional rotation. It does not leak wind, dust or moisture during drying.

3. Large Capacity

Water Bottle: Capacity (9L) for large capacity drying, plenty of possession

It is easy to take out with one hand, and it is easy to empty water.

4. Opening and closing

Possible Heat Exchanger: Heat exchanger can be directly opened, cleaned and managed,

available for long use.


□ Other product discount information


- Samsung QLED TV, Clothes Cleaner Air Dresser, Air Purifier Cube, Flex Wash, No Wind Air Conditioner,


Notebook 9, Galaxy S9 / S9 +, etc. Up to 30% special benefits


- The attractive benefits of premium sound products such as Harman Kardon speaker and AKG / JBL earphone of audio brand 'Harman'


 ※ Available at retail stores such as Samsung Digital Plaza, Hi-Mart, E-Land, Emart and Homeplus


Depending on the distribution you visit, the operating / model / price / benefit may vary.



□ Events


- 9/28 - 10/31 Events for in-store customers and purchasing customers

Scan the QR code of the event tag attached to the product and give the answer of the quiz

Starbucks Americano coupons to 2,000 people on a first-come-first-served basis


 ※ Can participate in events at national retail stores such as Samsung Digital Plaza, Hi-Mart, E-Land, Emart and Homeplus